Technical Papers
 Paper#  Title
 WIN-P14-001 Yield Enhancement of 0.25μm GaN HEMT Foundry Technology
 WIN-P14-002 Quality and throughput improvement of GaN/SiC wafer sawing with the addition of ultrasonic power
 WIN-P14-003 Method for Forming Through Wafer Vias in GaN on SiC Devices and Circuits
 WIN-P14-004 GaN MMIC Technology with High Performance Edge Lifted Capacitors
 WIN-P13-001 AlGaN/GaN HEMT Development Targeted for X-band Applications
 WIN-P13-002 Advanced RF IV Waveform Engineering Tool for use in device technology optimization: RF Pulsed Fully Active Harmonic Load Pull with Synchronized 3eV Laser
 WIN-P13-003 Pure Play GaN Foundry 0.25μm HEMT Technology for RF Applications
 WIN-P13-004 Development and Control of a 0.25μm Gate Process Module for AlGaN/GaN HEMT Production
 WIN-P13-005 Advances in Back-side Via Etching of SiC for GaN Device Applications
 WIN-P13-006 X-band MMIC Scalable Large Signal Model based on Unit Cell Behavioral Data Model and Passive Embedding Network
 WIN-P12-001 150 nm T-shape Gate Process Capacity Improvement
 WIN-P12-002 To Improve E-beam T-gate Yield by Pre-Cleaning Process
 WIN-P12-003 Yield Improvement for Thin 50 um GaAs Product Line
 WIN-P12-004 Copper Redistribution Layer Process for GaAs MMICs
 WIN-P11-001 Low Noise, Low Switch Loss 0.25μm E/D pHEMT Technology
 WIN-P11-002 Nonlinear Steady-State III-V FET Model for Microwave Antenna Switch Applications
 WIN-P10-001 Improvement in Yield and Assurance in Power Performance for Quarter- Micron Optical Gate 8V Power pHEMT Technology
 WIN-P10-003 Advanced Full Periphery pHEMT Switch with Optimum Figure of Merit RonCoff
 WIN-P09-001 0.15 Micron Gate 6-in pHEMT Technology by Using I-Line Stepper
 WIN-P09-002 pHEMT Switch Yield Improvement Through Feedback From 100% Die Test
 WIN-P09-003 Accurate HEMT Switch Large-Signal Device Model Derived from Pulsed-Bias Capacitance and Current Characteristics
 WIN-P08-001 Quarter-Micron Optical Gate 6”Power pHEMT Technology
 WIN-P07-001 Yield Enhancement of 0.15um pHEMT Milli-meter Wave Power Amplifiers using an Effective Statistical Analytical Approach
 WIN-P07-002 Reliability Study of 0.15um MHEMT with Vds>3V Bias for Amplifier Application
 WIN-P06-001 A dual-gate E/D-mode GaAs pHEMT to enhance microwave power handling capability
 WIN-P06-002 Manufacturing of GaAs ICs for Wireless Communications Applications
 WIN-P06-003 Reliability assessment of extrinsic defects in SiNx Metal-Insulator-Metal capacitors
 WIN-P05-007 An investigation and comparison of 45-degree spread thermal model and other techniques to extract junction temperature of HBT and pHEMT for reliability life test
 WIN-P04-002 High Yield Enhancement and Depletion-Mode pHEMT Using 6 inch GaAs Production Process
 WIN-P04-003 Advanced Compound Semiconductor Technologies for Commercial Wireless Applications
 WIN-P02-002 Process porting provides a path to production scaling
 WIN-P02-003 A WINning GaAs Manufacturing Solution
 WIN-P02-010 The First 0.15um MHEMT 6”GaAs Foundry Service: Highly Reliable Process for 3 V Drain Bias Operations
 WIN-P01-002 Manufacturable 0.15 um PHEMT Process for High Volume and Low Cost on 6” GaAs Substrates : The First 0.15 mm PHEMT 6”GaAs Foundry Fab
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