MMIC Application Portfolio
GaAs devices with its ability to handle higher frequencies than Si devices have been the preferred technology to implement wireless application for space service. With the explosive growth in commercial broadband applications and the increasing demand in the wireless communications area (including cellular/PCS handsets and systems), GaAs process technology is now widely accepted as the superior technology for the production of high frequency, high power and low noise products for these applications. WIN has recruited a founding team that brings extensive experience in GaAs HBT and HEMT MMIC fabrication. This team is familiar with the latest developments in GaAs technology and will provide continuous research and development to meet our customers' technology requirements.

WIN can develop and provide microwave device technologies that cover the frequency spectrum from DC to 100 GHz. These HBT and HEMT devices can serve many popular and rapidly growing markets. For example, L-band HBT technology is used in high-end PCS and cellular phones, low frequency wireless products and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) products. Ka-band pHEMT is suitable for the LMDS (Local Multi-Point Distribution Service) market; pHEMT switch is suitable for handset and WLAN switch markets. Furthermore, both HBT and HEMT technologies are widely used in the fiber optic application. In addition to in-house technology development, WIN will also form strategic alliances with other companies to obtain the latest and most advanced technologies to further benefit our customers.

Market Applications Frequency Range Device Technology
Cable TV 50 to 1.000 MHz BiHEMT,pHEMT
Fiber-Optic Nodes DC to >2.5 GHz
DC to >10 GHz
Cellular/PCS/Wireless local loop(WLL) 900MHz(Cellular),
2.2-2.4GHz(3G wireless)
Wireless LAN 900MHz,2.4(bluetooth),
Global Positioning(GPS) 1.6GHz pHEMT,BiHEMT
Satellite Cellular


Electronic Toll Collection System(ETC) 5.8GHz pHEMT,BiHEMT
Point-to-Point Radio 6,8,11,15,18,23,38,60GHz pHEMT,BiHEMT
Very Small Aperture Terminal(VSAT) 6,14,28GHz pHEMT,BiHEMT
Satellite TV 11 to 13 GHz pHEMT,BiHEMT
Broadband Satellite Services 28GHz pHEMT
Local Multipoint Distribution(LMDS)
Multipoint Video Distribution Service (MVDS)
Automotive Redar-Smart Cruise Control 76-77GHz pHEMT
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