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Training & Development
WIN Semiconductors recognizes that its employees are the most valuable component in its effort to strive for GaAs foundry leadership. In support of the goal to be the leading supplier of GaAs foundry services, WIN is fully committed to hiring high-quality individuals, and then providing them with training programs and educational opportunities as follows:

Training Description
Orientation New employee training
Job-related Basic training
Core competence training


To introduce new employees to WIN's history, organization, and vision in such a way as to accelerate the employee's integration to WIN's culture and environment.

Job-related Training:
  • Basic Training Program :
    This basic program includes, the introduction of pHEMT & HBT technology, process overview, basic concept of quality management, the general introduction of GaAs market, and introduction to basic operations.
  • Core competence Training Program :
    Employees will be given specific training related to their job function. Subjects covered in his training could be, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Statistical Analysis, Design of Experiment, etc. Additionally, as appropriate, attendance at related conferences and seminars will be arranged
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