WIN Semiconductors Corp.,founded in October 1999, was the first pure-play 6-inch GaAs foundry in the world, has established an advanced GaAs wafer fab in recognition of the growing demand for low cost manufacturing of high speed and high quality GaAs MMIC's (monolithic microwave ICs) and RFIC's (radio frequency ICs).

Feb. 2014 Win 2nd Taiwan Mittelstand Award
Dec. 2013 Win 3rd National Industrial Innovation Award, Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award category
Dec. 2013 Become the only GaAs foundry in the world top12 foundries and overtake 62.4% of pure-play foundry service market share
Dec. 2012 Awarded 2012 Best Technology Partner by Inphi, a public traded company in US
Dec. 2012 Granted 2012 Best Supplier Award by muRata, a public traded company in Japan
Oct. 2012 WIN Participates Seasoned Equity Offering and offers Global Depositary Receipts
Dec. 2011 Stock is offered publically in GTSM
Nov. 2011 Awarded best supplier award from M/A COM Technology solutions
Oct. 2011 Gretai Security Market (GTSM) awarded Contribution Excellence Golden Laurel Award to WIN Semiconductors.
May. 2011 Morgan Stanley Capital International enlists WIN Semiconductor Corp. in MSCI Index.
Jan. 2011 Signed NTD4.8 Billion business loan contract with group of banks lead by International Mega Bank
Dec. 2010 Successfully developed world first 6” 0.1um MMIC wafer
Dec. 2010 Developed high performance application for multiphase, multisystem cell phone switch process
Nov. 2010 Passed ISO/TS 16949 quality system certification
May. 2010 Start renovating Fab B second phase.
Apr. 2010 Acquired Fab B second phase land and factory
Oct. 2009 Announcing strategic partnership with Anadigics
Oct. 2009 Initial public offering
Sep. 2009 Company stock is offered in public
Jul. 2009 Successfully integrates HBT and pHEMT processes named as BiHEMT process
Apr. 2009 Fab B formally announced for mass production
Oct. 2008 First pilot run of HBT GaAs wafer in Fab B
Jun. 2008 Skyworks Solution announced WIN as their official GaAs foundry
May. 2008 Successfully developed 0.25um pHEMT MMIC wafer process
Apr. 2008 Acquired additional land in Huaya Science Park
Dec. 2007 Start making profit annually, yearend profit is NTD0.79 per share
Apr. 2007 Established MMIC and Optoelectronic business units, lead by PhD Y.C. Wang and PhD W.M. Chang respectively
Apr. 2007Acquired additional Huaya land and factory in Science Park
May. 2005Successfully developed HBT process for high efficiency, high performace 2G/3G cellphone application
Sep. 2004Pilot run of 0.5 um 35V pHEMT for CATV
Feb. 2004Baseline release of 2um High Ruggedness HBT
Jan. 2004Passed process-oriented ISO 9001/Y2000 Version audit
Dec. 2003Shipped more than 1.5 million WLAN PAs in a single month
Dec. 2003Passed ISO 9001/2000 audit
Feb. 2003First 0.15um mHEMT wafer for customer
Jan. 2003Foundry production of customer specific 3um HBT started.
Nov. 2002ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified
Nov. 2002Pilot run release 50-um thick 0.15 um power pHEMT announced
Nov. 2002Production release of 1-um HBT announced
Oct. 2002Foundry production of 0.5-um power pHEMT started
Jun. 2002First 0.5um switch pHEMT wafer for customer
Jun. 2002Demonstrated world’s first 25-um thick, 6-inch pHEMT wafer
Jun. 2002Production release of 2um HBT
May. 2002Signed Strategic Alliance and Wafer Supply Agreements with Raytheon RF Components
May. 2002World’s first 0.15um mHEMT wafer on 6”GaAs
Nov. 2001Began foundry production for 0.15μm pHEMT
Sep. 2001Awarded QS-9000 and ISO 9001 quality management system certification
Jun. 2001Presents, 6-inch, GaAs 1μm HBT MMIC wafer
May 2001Granted by Economy Ministry NT$40M for R&D Project
May 2001Produced the worlds’ 1st, 6-inch, 50μm thick pHEMT MMIC wafer
Apr. 2001Fab #1 begins production-level Foundry OperationspHEMT Preliminary Design Kit Available
Mar. 2001Presents the world's 1st,6-inch,0.15μm GaAs pHEMT MMIC wafer
Jan. 2001WIN Semiconductors initiates Pre Initial Public Offering (pre-IPO)
Nov. 2000Completes production of Asia's 1st,6-inch,GaAs HBT MMIC waferCompletes production of Asia's 1st,6-inch,GaAs pHEMT wafer
Sep. 2000Process equipment installation completeProcess qualification initiatedHBT Preliminary Design Kit Available
Jul. 2000Facility construction complete
Dec.1999Ground Breaking Ceremony for Corporate Offices & Fab #1
Oct.1999WIN Semiconductors Incorporates in Taiwan
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