Supplier Information

Requirement for suppliers of raw material and packaging material by WIN:

  1. Notice for management changed
    Any changes including component, concentration of harmful material, location of manufacturing or factory, suppliers must take the initiative to inform WIN.

  2. Certification for not use of hazardous substances
    During the time of suppliers' annual evaluation and applying for new supplier and material assessment, suppliers must sign in or provide the certification of no use of hazardous substances.
    <%--(Attachment 1:Certification for not use of hazardous substances)
  3. Testing Report
    a) During the time of suppliers'  annual evaluation and applying for new supplier and
         material assessment, suppliers must provide the testing report of raw material.
    b) Testing report must be done in a fair laboratory by the third party. The process must
         meet the regulation of HSF.
    c) Testing report provided by suppliers of raw material is valid for one year.
    d) Supplier must provide testing report according to the following classification:

  4. List of banned and restricted hazardous substances
    Suppliers must confirm all of the raw material (recycled raw material included) and packing material do not contain the following hazardous substance:
    <%--(Attachment 2:Banned And Restricted Hazardous Substances List)
  5. Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free
    Metal Suppliers must provide Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free(Refer the attached) and research for the source of metal.
    (WIN Semiconductors Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free)
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