Irregular Ethical Conduct
        One of the most important assets of WIN Semiconductors Corp. is our integrity and accountability. Integrity is the essence of all business activities of WIN and no corruption or irregular conduct are allowed.
        If you find or suspect any unethical conduct or breach of WIN’s ethical standards by any employee or anyone representing WIN, please contact us.

  1. WIN may use your personal information, including name, telephone number and email address, to facilitate investigation or to contact you. If necessary, WIN may share your personal information with third parties that are appointed by WIN to assist in the investigation.
  2. You may not act maliciously or knowingly and willfully make a false statement. You shall assume liability for the allegations that prove to have been made maliciously or knowingly to be false.
  3. To promptly act to investigate and/or resolve the issue, please provide as much detailed information and documents as possible. Please note that if the information or documents are insufficient, the investigation may be hampered.
  4. You may email the business conduct report to

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